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I’m Daniel Garza, the Executive Director of The LIBRE Initiative, and I wanted to tell you why I founded this organization.

My parents came to America from their native Mexico with nothing but hopes and dreams of a better life. They pulled our family out of poverty through hard work and achieved their American Dream. I know the opportunities our great nation offers, and I want others in our Hispanic community to embrace the values that will guide them to achieve their own prosperity.

In 2011, I founded LIBRE because I saw things getting worse for Hispanics, not better. You see, every generation is responsible for protecting the principles that protect the freedoms that lead to prosperity. That is why LIBRE advocates for public policies that provide opportunity, reward success, and make the American Dream possible. Here’s what we provide:

  • Empowerment: Learn about policies that impact our families through events and workshops to help you manage finances, start a small business, or become a leader in your community.

  • Community: Join a supportive community of passionate Hispanics with love country and a commitment to making the U.S. a better place for all.

  • Impact: Unite your efforts to that of thousands of Hispanics working to convince political leaders to bring about change through community events, phone banks, emails and petitions.

LIBRE’s strength comes from its volunteers. That’s why we need you. United, we are one voice for the proven principles that promote entrepreneurship, hard work, and personal responsibility. We’d be honored if you joined us.

Daniel Garza

We are a strong voice in the national debate…

We are a go-to resource of information for media outlets throughout the country on issues impacting Hispanics and through our engagement with national leaders, we’re making sure Hispanics have a voice in the most influential debates.

…and in local communities across the nation.

We empower local communities by providing classes on English proficiency and citizenship, helping with tax preparation, and entrepreneurship.

We can’t secure a stronger future alone. We need your help.

Our past binds us together, our love for our families and communities motivates us to action. We’d be honored for you to join this movement.

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